Classes we offer

These are 3-hour Workshops. We also offer compact 90-minute versions of them.


Basic rope bondage harnesses

LEVEL: Beginner

We will cover the basic techniques required to tie harnesses. After that we move to learning a chest harness and a hip harness.


Essential Kinbaku

LEVEL: Intermediate

Learn to create beautiful and hot rope experiences immediately by using an improvisational approach to tying, focusing on the tying process rather than the end product.



LEVEL: All levels

Techniques that would help you incorporate D/s into your play and help you build healthy D/s relationships.


Hip harness construction

LEVEL: Intermediate

We examine the components that make up a hip harness. We look at how these components affect the characteristics of various hip harnesses that are used for floor-play and suspension.


Ingredients of successful play

LEVEL: All levels

In this class we explore the components of successful scenes, pitfalls to avoid, as well as some techniques that would increase chances of success.


Know your kinky body

LEVEL: All levels

Essential knowledge for rope bondage practitioners from an experienced physical therapist.


Playing Rough

LEVEL: All levels

Techniques and safety aspects of many rough body play elements that could be used on their own, or combined with bondage, impact, or sex.


Playing With Partial Suspension

LEVEL: Intermediate

This class will go over suspension prerequisite techniques as well as examples of partial suspension that could be used to enhance connection between play partners during play, or provide ways to challenge the bottom.



Rope Bottoming: A Skills Approach

LEVEL: All levels

Becoming a better bottom takes work. Just like tops practice, bottoms must practice too. The question always is: practice what? We attempt to answer this question.


The Hishi pattern

LEVEL: Advanced

We go over multiple ways of constructing this diamond pattern that are structurally strong as well as beautiful, and we look at different ties where the pattern could be applied.


The Towel & The Stick

LEVEL: Beginner

Come learn the hard and soft skills required for great impact play before you invest in expensive impact toys.


TK Variations

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

This workshop covers variations of the 2-rope and 3-rope TK. We discuss how some TKs address common functions of the tie in different ways, and we examine how each variation behaves differently


Tying The Limbs

LEVEL: Intermediate

Learn different ways of tying the hands, arms, legs, and feet. In addition to immobilizing ties, we also present ties that produce a sensation-rich experience.


Understanding The TK

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

Through dissecting the different parts and steps that make up the Takate Kote, you will gain a deep understanding of the tie that will help you tie it better and sustain it longer.