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Exploring D/s in relationships and play - featuring Lady Vi


Dominance and submission is one of the hottest and most rewarding aspects of BDSM. It has so many types and flavours and it could be experienced in so many levels of intensity that anyone interested in it can find a way to enjoy it.

Join KinkRx and Lady Vi in exploring techniques that would help you incorporate D/s into your play and help you build healthy D/s relationships.

We will discuss different models of D/s and explain the commonalities and differences between them. That will help you find out what the possibilities are, choose one that’s suitable for you, or design your own.

We will cover tips you can use to prepare yourself and get in the mood before a play session, and tips to help you get out. We will also cover techniques to help you exude the kind of energy that suits your role in a D/s dynamic.

To help you succeed in D/s relationships, we will talk about positive and negative patterns that affect these relationships, and the conversations you need to have with your partner to avoid common pitfalls.



About our guest instrucutor:

Lady Vi is a lifestyle Dominant in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest.

Beautiful, brazen and delightfully wicked. Lady Vi exudes a unique brand of sinister sexuality, instinctual sadism, and natural born Female Dominance. Sensual Satanatrix. Lustful Dark Queen. Captivating Domina who feeds off power, pain and sin. Learn more about her at

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