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Understanding the TK

Many people learn and teach the TK as a list of steps that, when repeated “correctly”, will result in a reliable and versatile chest harness. It is not as common, however, to find instruction about the goal of each of these steps and why one way of doing them is correct while another isn’t. More importantly, how does one know whether a particular part of a TK is good enough or unacceptable?

Through dissecting the different parts and steps that make up the Takate Kote, you will gain a deep understanding of the tie that will help you tie it better and tailor it to the abilities of the person getting tied.

We will step back from the TK recipe and analyse the individual ingredients to discern what has to be done as is, what could be substituted, and what could be altogether eliminated.

To further solidify the concepts, we will also use these same ingredients to construct ties other than the TK.

What to bring

  • 3-5 pieces of 25’-30’ 5-6mm natural fibre rope.
  • 1-2 pieces of 10’-15’ 5-6mm natural fibre rope (optional).
  • A yoga mat or something else soft to tie on. The floor is hard and might be uncomfortable for tying.
  • A small blanket for warmth.


This workshop is aimed at Kinbaku practitioners who already have some experience with the TK. If you don’t have such experience, make sure to learn the tie before you attend the workshop.

Here are links to a couple of videos to get you started:


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