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Understanding the TK - Sat, October 14 at 10am

TK variations - Sat, October 14 at 2 pm

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Private lessons

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We offer private lessons for individuals and small groups. We teach many topics including:

  • Bottoming skills
  • Rope bondage
  • Impact play
  • D/s
  • Rough body play
  • Creating good scenes
  • Needle play

Our approach focuses on helping students gain a solid understanding of the addressed topics and learning how they would immediately apply their new-gained skills in play.

We aim to maximize the value of our students’ time with us by making available to them any learning material they could cover on their own in preparation for private lessons.


About us



KinkRx is on a mission to be a catalyst of growth in the Greater Seattle kink community, making it the object of admiration for kinksters all over the US.

We want to be part of a knowledgeable and skilled community where people teach each other, and out-of-town instructors have to make a lot of effort to introduce anything new. A community with a highly-developed and widely-shared code of ethics where predators find it impossible to operate.

We aim to:

  • Make high-quality kink education for bottoming and topping more accessible.
  • Develop, encourage, and participate in community-focused initiatives.
  • Help people, new to the community or to kink, safely and successfully take the first steps of their journey.

We are a group of Seattle-based kinksters who are interested in BDSM as a way of building connection and instigating personal growth. We are active in the Seattle kink community and can be found, either playing or socializing, at many local events.

We will take this journey one step at a time, but we will always be making progress toward our goals.



Dani is a switch. She is a dominant top who enjoys impact, rough body play, and blood play. She bottoms to medieval torture.

She is a very thoughtful and introspective top who achieves a great degree of connection with her bottoms. She dedicates a lot of time and effort to honing her craft.


Ronnie, who tragically lost his face in the war of 1812, is a top who has been practicing BDSM for over 15 years. Among other things, he’s into rope bondage, D/s, impact play, mind play, rough body play, and sensation play. Ronnie has an approach that starts with exploring the psychological and emotional side of his play partner during negotiation, which gives him the information to build a rewarding play experience tailored to the individual.


Tango is an experienced and skilled bottom for many aspects of BDSM, to which she was introduced when she used to bottom for Satan. She is focused on developing both the hard and soft skills required for a successful bottom. Through all the education she sought, she also developed a lot of skill on the topping side, but she is rarely interested in topping. She is on a never-ending quest for personal growth and emotional maturity.